Independent Medical Examinations are Used to Establish the Degree of a Veteran’s Disability

Ann Arbor MI VA Disability BenefitsMedical examination reports are heavily relied on by VA adjudicators and judges in their decision making, which is why obtaining an independent medical examination is often critical to successfully appealing VA decisions. Typically, the VA is required to schedule claimants a medical examination to determine their degree of impairment for a given condition. Unfortunately, not all of these examination reports are favorable towards the veteran. In order to contest an unfavorable medical examination report, a claimant should submit their own medical examination report discrediting the unfavorable report. Medical Examinations are important to successfully appealing VA decisions. VA Disability Group will help you obtain a private medical examination and ensure the reports include the legal wording necessary to support your claim.

Other Supporting Documentation and Evidence

Medical documentation is typically the most helpful documentation you can provide the VA in supporting most your claims. However, other non-medical evidence can be very probative in appealing your case. VA Disability Group will help you contact friends, co-workers, and others to gather affidavits supporting your claims. We will also help you gather an array of other evidences that may be helpful to your claim such as tax and employment records.

If you are considering appealing a VA decision and need help developing your evidence to support your claim, contact VA Disability Group online or call 1-844-VETLAWS (1-844-838-5297) for help.