2024 VA Disability Rates

2024 VA Disability Rates

2024 VA disability pay rates, which are effective December 1, 2023, have a confirmed year over year increase of 3.2% based on the latest cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) announced by the social security administration. The official rate increase was announced on October 12, 2023 and was finalized Dec 1, 2023. Use the charts provided on this page to determine your eligibility and expected monthly payout for your approved VA disability claim based on the COLA estimate. Official and final figures were announced December 1, 2023. We have updated the charts below to match the VA’s numbers. Below are the finalized 2024 VA Disability pay numbers.

10% – 20% (No Dependents)

30% – 60% Without Children
Dependent Status30%40%50%60%
Veteran Alone$524.31$755.28$1,075.16$1,361.88
Veteran with Spouse Only$586.31$838.28$1,179.16$1,486.88
Veteran with Spouse & One Parent$636.31$904.28$1,262.16$1,586.88
Veteran with Spouse and Two Parents$686.31$970.28$1,345.16$1,686.88
Veteran with One Parent$574.31$821.28$1,158.16$1,461.88
Veteran with Two Parents$624.31$887.28$1,241.16$1,561.88
Additional for A/A spouse$57.00$76.00$95.00$114.00

70% – 100% Without Children
Dependent Status70%80%90%100%
Veteran Alone$1,716.28$1,995.01$2,241.91$3,737.85
Veteran with Spouse Only$1,861.28$2,161.01$2,428.91$3,946.25
Veteran with Spouse and One Parent$1,978.28$2,294.01$2,578.91$4,113.51
Veteran with Spouse and Two Parents $2,095.28$2,427.01$2,728.91$4,280.77
Veteran with One Parent$1,833.28$2,128.01$2,391.91$3,905.11
Veteran with Two Parents$1,950.28$2,261.01$2,541.91$4,072.37
Additional for A/A spouse$134.00$153.00$172.00$191.14

30% – 60% With Children
Dependent Status30%40%50%60%
Veteran with Child OnlyVeteran with Spouse and Child$565.31$810.28$1,144.16$1,444.88
Veteran with Spouse and Child$632.31$899.28$1,255.16$1,577.88
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and Child$682.31$965.28$1,338.16$1,677.88
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Child$732.31$1,031.28$1,421.16$1,777.88
Veteran with One Parent and Child$615.31$876.28$1,227.16$1,544.88
Veteran with Two Parents and Child$665.31$942.28$1,310.16$1,644.88
Add for Each Additional Child Under Age 18$31.00$41.00$51.00$62.00
Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18$100.00$133.00$167.00$200.00
Additional for A/A spouse$57.00$76.00$95.00$114.00

70% – 100% With Children
Dependent Status70%80%90%100%
Veteran with one Child (no spouse and no parents)$1,813.28$2,106.01$2,366.91$3,877.22
Veteran with Spouse and Child (no parents)$1,968.28$2,283.01$2,565.91$4,098.87
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and One Child$2,085.28$2,416.01$2,715.91$4,266.13
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Child$2,202.28$2,549.01$2,865.91$4,433.39
Veteran with One Parent and Child$1,930.28$2,239.01$2,516.91$4,044.48
Veteran with Two Parents and Child$2,047.28$2,372.01$2,666.91$4,211.74
Add for Each Additional Child Under Age 18$72.00$82.00$93.00$103.55
Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18$234.00$267.00$301.00$334.49
Additional for A/A spouse$134.00$153.00$172.00$191.14

About 2024 VA Disability Compensation Rates

Your 2024 VA disability compensation is a monthly tax-free payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs paid to former military service members who sustained an illness or injury during their time in service. Veterans with preexisting conditions exacerbated by their time in service, or who develop service-connected disabilities following their time in service, may also apply for benefits. Veterans may also receive additional benefit due to extenuating circumstances, including their number of dependents, loss of limb or other severe injury, or by having a disabled spouse.

It is important to note that this benefit is not permanent, and it may be subject to review. On a wider scale, the VA may change its rating schedule at any time, but it may also reexamine your individual claim to judge whether your disability has improved or worsened, thus affecting your benefit amount. In case of the latter, you would want to initiate the review yourself to ensure they receive a higher benefit for a worse disability.

How VA Disability Compensation is Determined

You must first apply for disability compensation with the VA. It is not an automatic benefit received upon retirement, nor is it guaranteed. Veterans are responsible for arranging an appointment with the VA immediately upon retirement or within a specified timeframe thereafter.

The amount you receive from VA disability compensation is determined by a number of factors, including your assigned disability rating as described below, the severity of your disability, and your number of dependents.

The VA Disability Rating System Explained

The VA uses a disability rating system to assign a percentage to the severity of your disability, using a scale that measures from 0-100% and rises incrementally by 10%. This rating then determines your benefit amount. The VA determines your rating through an internal review of your health and medical history, going over a combination of service treatment records, VA medical records, and private medical records that are directly related to your disability. Your rating will be based on a single diagnostic code per condition, even should that condition meet more than one diagnostic code.

If you have more than one disability, you can use the combined-rating system to find your benefit amount.

Compensation for Service-Connected Disability

A service-connected disability, as described above, and examples of which include chronic back pain, hearing loss or tinnitus, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or traumatic brain injury (TBI), among others, may not manifest until after active service has ended, placing veterans outside the normal timeframe for applying for disability compensation. Should that be the case, you may need to bolster your claim for disability compensation with additional documentation on top of medical records.

Assistance with Claims and Appeals

Veterans may work with an accredited attorney, claims agent, or Veterans Services Officer (VSO) to file your claim or appeal. These professionals are trained and certified in the VA’s claims and appeals processes, making them well-equipped to answer your questions, meet your needs, and get you the disability compensation you deserve.

VA Disability Group PLLC is ready to take on your claim to get you the compensation you qualify for. Contact us online or call us at 1-844-VET-LAWS to request a consultation now.