How to Use This VA Disability Calculator

If a disability affects an extremity (joint or nerve issues such as arthritis, strains, carpal tunnel, sciatica, etc.), tap on the percentage button below that corresponds to which leg or arm is disabled. If disability doesn’t affect an extremity (headaches, skin conditions, asthma, etc.), select the percentage from “Other Disabilities” below.

Tap or Click on the location of the disability (Leg or Arm).
Next tap or click the associated percentage.

Select the disability and the benefit % below
(Do this for each of your disabilities)

Additional Payment Factors

* Includes joints and nerves affecting the extremities. Examples include conditions such as arthritis, strains, sprains, radiculopathy, sciatic nerve , femoral nerve , cubital nerve, etc.

** Includes all conditions not involving joints and nerves. Examples include diabetes, mental health, skin, dental, stomach, sinus, headaches, cancer, lumbar and neck issues, etc.

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