How to Use This VA Disability Calculator

If a disability affects an extremity (joint or nerve issues such as arthritis, strains, carpal tunnel, sciatica, etc.), tap on the percentage button below that corresponds to which leg or arm is disabled. If disability doesn’t affect an extremity (headaches, skin conditions, asthma, etc.), select the percentage from “Other Disabilities” below.

Tap or Click on the location of the disability (Leg or Arm).
Next tap or click the associated percentage.

Leg & Arm Disabilities Tap the percentage below.

The Bilateral Factor Explained

Other Disabilities If your disability is not an extremity tap the percentage below.


How the VA Calculates Your Disability Rating

Common sense would tell you that two ratings of 30% and 30% would equal a combined disability rating of 60%. Yet, the VA has a different way of calculating your combined VA disability rating. Instead of adding ratings together, they calculate percentages of percentages. Let’s use the numbers above for our example.

In the VA’s eyes, the first disability rating of 30% would mean you are 70% healthy. To rate your second disability, they would then calculate 30% of the remaining 70%. This is done by multiplying 30% by 70%.

First, let’s convert the percentages into decimals.

30% x 70% = 0.30 x 0.70

Next, we’ll multiply our two decimals to find 30% of 70%.

0.30 x 0.70 = 0.21 → 21%

In percentage form, 0.21 becomes 21%. By calculating percentages of percentages, the VA would rate your second disability at 21%, rather than the 30% they gave your first disability.

After rounding to the nearest 10%, the combined VA disability rating would then be 50%, rather than 60%. See our math below.

30% + 21% = 51% → Round to nearest 10% → 50% combined disability rating

Once your ratings reach 50%, it becomes more difficult to get higher ratings through VA math. This is especially the case the closer your ratings get to 100%.

How Your Combined Rating Affects Compensation

The higher your combined rating, the more compensation you’ll receive each month from the VA. This is why it’s important you hire one of our VA disability attorneys if your claim has been previously denied. Our VA lawyers fight hard for your rights so you can receive the veterans compensation you deserve.

Other Factors That Affect Your Rating

You may qualify for Total Disability due to Individual Unemployability (TDIU) if your service-connected condition(s) prevent you from being gainfully employed. This would give you a disability rating of 100%. You may also have a higher combined rating if your condition(s) affect both arms or legs. Yet, the VA may stop counting ratings if there are too many on one extremity.

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