Medical Opinions

Medical Opinions

Medical Opinions VA Disability Lawyers Kalamazoo, MIWas your claim for VA disability benefits recently denied? If so, your first call should be to our lawyers for veterans benefits to learn if another medical opinion could help.

Medical opinions are often needed to appeal a denial of service-connection. Our veteran disability lawyers in Kalamazoo, MI examine your case from every angle to determine the best strategies for proving your service-connected condition.

Medical Opinions for Your Claim

Why Did the VA Deny My Claim?

VA disability benefits are not awarded based on the mere application for benefits to the VA alone. (If only it were that simple.) Claimants must also submit supporting documentation demonstrating their entitlement to certain VA benefits. Documentation typically includes medical records, statements in support of your VA disability claim, medical opinions, medical examinations, and employment records.

Claims for service-connection are often denied due to a lack of necessary documentation in the claim’s file. It is important that you gather and develop this documentation in order to successfully appeal your case for service-connection to the VA. Medical opinions are a critical tool to establish service-connection where evidence of causation is lacking.

Typically, when the VA denies service-connection it is because there is a lack of causation demonstrating that the symptoms that began while in active duty are the cause of your current condition. Medical opinions establish a link between past and current symptoms (causation), which is a critical element to establish service-connection.

Should I Get a VA Disability Lawyer?

Yes! Whether you have post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury, you can trust our veterans attorneys for their expertise in VA disability law. We will help you develop the necessary evidence to appeal your case including vocational expert reports, medical examinations, and other probative documentation.

Our Kalamazoo, MI veterans attorneys may recommend you get other medical opinions to strengthen your VA disability claim. To request a consultation with one of our VA disability lawyers, call the VA Disability Group at 1-844-VET-LAWS (1-844-838-5297).