Symptom Logs

Symptom Logs

In order for a Veteran to properly demonstrate the severity of their symptoms to the VA, they must gather the appropriate documentation and evidence. This is known as “case development.”

The following symptom logs are an important case development tool and can be helpful to demonstrate a claimant’s severity of symptoms attributable to a condition. These logs serve as a “symptom diary” and are based on the relevant symptoms considered within 38 CFR Part 4 (the rating schedule). It’s not exhaustive, but the purpose of the logs is to document the relevant symptoms in real-time as those symptoms manifest or occur.

We recommend claimants actively complete and submit these logs during the entire claims process for all pending VA claims and appeals. These logs alone have won many cases and are critical to proper case development.

Click an image below to download a pdf of the symptom log.

acid reflux log

headache log

heart conditions log

IBS log

mental health log

sinusitis log

General Symptom log

Genitourinary Log