Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), AKA Death Benefits (38 CFR 3.22 & 38 USC 1318)

VA Disability Benefits Grand Rapids MIWhen a military veteran dies, the VA offers a monthly benefit to eligible survivors. Sadly, dependents who suffer a loss of a loved veteran often must suffer again because their claim for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits is denied. These are also commonly referred to as “death benefits” by many.

VA Disability Group fights for your survivor benefits and is determined to obtain these benefits for spouses, children and dependent parents entitled to them.

Spouses, children and dependent parents of service members and veterans who meet certain criteria may be eligible for benefits. One of the following must also be true:

  • The veteran must have died on active duty, active duty training or inactive duty training, OR
  • The death must have resulted from a service-related injury or disease, OR
  • Veteran whose death resulted from a non service-related injury or disease, and who was receiving, or was entitled to receive, VA Compensation for service-connected disability that was rated as totally disabling
    • for at least 10 years immediately before death, OR
    • since the veteran’s release from active duty and for at least five years immediately preceding death, OR
    • for at least one year before death if the veteran was a former prisoner of war who died after September 30, 1999.

A veteran’s service-connected disability compensation is not automatically continued upon his death for his surviving spouse and children, but it may be converted to a death pension depending on income or to DIC benefits.

Has the VA denied your application for DIC? If you are struggling to obtain your DIC benefits (38 CFR 3.22 & 38 USC 1318), contact VA Disability Group online or call 1-844-VETLAWS (1-844-838-5297).