VA Disability Benefits for Joint and Musculoskeletal Injuries

VA Disability Benefits for Joint and Musculoskeletal Injuries

Joint Disorder VA Disability Lawyers Kalamazoo, MIIf you or a loved one has joint and musculoskeletal injuries resulting from military service, we recommend calling one of our VA attorneys as soon as possible. Serving in the military is physically demanding, which increases your risk of being injured or developing a chronic condition.

In this blog post, our veterans disability attorneys at VA Disability Group will explain how you can get compensation for military musculoskeletal injuries.

For more information, we recommend contacting a VA disability attorneys near you.

What are joint and musculoskeletal injuries?

Like the name suggests, the musculoskeletal system refers to the muscles and skeleton. Since jobs in the military are physically demanding, it’s not uncommon for veterans to sustain injuries to joints in the legs, knees, hips, shoulders, and back.

Secondary injuries can also result from military service. For example, if you have injured one leg, you may put more weight on your other leg to compensate. Over time, the extra weight on your good leg can increase wear and tear to cause a secondary joint and musculoskeletal injury or a chronic condition like arthritis.

VA Disablity for Arthritis?

Yes, you can get VA disability for arthritis caused by service-connected injuries. While there are several different types of arthritis, the most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Many veterans have osteoarthritis because they have injured their joints.

While cartilage tissue breaks down naturally over time, it breaks down even faster if you have an injured joint. Cartilage is a special type of tissue that prevents bones from rubbing together and causing joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Since military jobs are physically demanding, veterans have a high risk of arthritis. Thankfully, many chronic conditions from military service are eligible for compensation.

Symptoms of arthritis include:

  • Joint pain
  • Stiff joints
  • Joint swelling
  • Decreased range of motion
  • More severe symptoms in the morning

VA Disability for Carpal Tunnel

Veterans may develop carpal tunnel syndrome from keeping their wrists bent in an awkward position. Over time, this damages the median nerve that passes through your forearm and hand. Yet, you’ll only receive VA disability for carpal tunnel if it affects your range of movement and quality of life. This is why it’s important to hire one of our VA disability lawyers to represent your case. They’ll be able to help you get VA disability for carpal tunnel by proving your condition is connected to service and serious enough to warrant compensation.

How are joint and musculoskeletal injuries sustained during service?

When you put extra stress on your joints, you increase your risk for musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions like arthritis. During your time in the military, you had to undergo rigorous physical training. Activities like running, completing obstacle courses, jumping out of airplanes and combat put extra stress on your joints and increase your risk for injury.

Who do I call for help filing a claim?

If you aren’t sure how to file a VA disability claim, or have been previously denied for compensation, we recommend contacting one of our VA disability lawyers. Our VA lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you get the veterans disability compensation you deserve. It’s important to understand that laws are dynamic. What might have been true 5 years ago may not be the same today.

The most difficult part of proving your VA disability claim will be proving that the disability started during your military service. Many veterans don’t have medical documentation to show that the onset of their military service-related disability started while still in the military. Thankfully, our military disability attorneys have experience getting medical opinions for VA disability claims.

Our VA disability attorneys in Kalamazoo, MI work hard to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for injuries sustained during service. If you or a loved one are interested in receiving veterans disability benefits for joint and musculoskeletal injuries (including arthritis), schedule your free case evaluation at 1-844-VET-LAWS.

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