Mississippi State Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

Mississippi State Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

100% State Benefits- Mississippi

Note: Information for this document was gathered from various sources including: https://www.military.com/benefits/veteran-state-benefits/mississippi-state-veterans-benefits.html

Visit the Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board website for more detailed information:

Veterans Homes

For more information, visit: https://nasvh.org/directory/mississippi/

Your eligibility for State Veterans Homes is based on clinical need and setting availability.

Each State establishes eligibility and admission criteria for its homes.

Talk with a VA social worker about the eligibility requirements of State Veterans Homes near you and to figure out a plan for paying for State Veterans Home care services.

Veterans Homes Locations:






  • Mississippi residents with an other-than-dishonorable discharge may be eligible for admission.
  • Spouses of veterans who live in the home may also be eligible for admission.
  • Out-of-state veterans may be admitted if there are no Mississippi residents waiting to accept a bed.
  • There is no charge for veterans with a single rating of 70% or more or those rated 100% disabled or unemployable by the VA. There may also be assistance available for indigent veterans.

State Veterans’ Cemeteries

For more detailed information visit: https://www.cem.va.gov/find-cemetery/state.asp?STATE=MS

National Veterans Cemeteries:

Biloxi National Cemetery

400 Veterans Avenue

Bldg. 1001
Biloxi, MS 39531

Burial Space: Open





Corinth National Cemetery

1551 Horton Street

Corinth, MS 38834

Burial Space: Open





Natchez National Cemetery

41 Cemetery Road

Natchez, MS 39120

Burial Space: Open





State Veterans Cemeteries:

Mississippi State Veterans Affairs

660 North State Street, Suite 200

Jackson, MS 39207

VA Grant Funded: N/A





Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery – Kilmichael

2 Legion Road

Kilmichael, MS 39747

VA Grant Funded: Yes





Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery – Newton

248 Honor Circle

Newton, MS 39345

VA Grant Funded: Yes





Many states have established state veterans cemeteries. Eligibility is like Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) national cemeteries but may include residency requirements. Even though they may have been established or improved with Government funds through VA’s Veterans Cemetery Grants Program, state veterans cemeteries are run solely by the states.

Mississippi Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax

Visit the following website for more information: https://myarmybenefits.us.army.mil/Benefit-Library/State/Territory-Benefits/Mississippi#taxes

Mississippi Taxes on Military Pay:

The following military pay received by a Mississippi resident service member is exempt from
Mississippi income tax:

  • Pay received by a Service member serving in a designated combat zone
  • The first $15,000 received by a reserve component Service member for:
    • Inactive duty training (monthly or special drills or meetings)
    • Active-duty training (summer camps, special schools, cruises)
    • State active duty (emergency duty)

All other military pay is taxed in Mississippi.

Mississippi Military Retired Pay Income Tax Exemption:

Military retired pay is exempt from Mississippi income tax.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP):

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) does not withhold taxes for state or local income tax, but it is reported annually on IRS Form 1099-R. All TSP distributions are subject to state taxes and early distributions may incur higher taxes.

Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA):

The Spouses of nonresident Service members who are stationed in Mississippi are exempt from Mississippi taxes on income earned in Mississippi.

Mississippi State Taxes on U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Military Disability
Retirement Pay:

Mississippi does not tax Veteran disability pensions. Military Disability Retirement Pay received as a pension, annuity or similar allowance for personal injury or sickness resulting from active service in the U.S. Armed Forces should not be included in taxable income.

Some payments considered disability benefits include:

  • Disability compensation and pension payments for disabilities paid either to Veteran or their Family
  • Grants for homes designed for wheelchair living
  • Grants for motor vehicles for Veterans who lost their sight or the use of their limbs, or
  • Benefits under a dependent-care assistance program

Mississippi State Taxes on U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC):

DIC is a tax-free monetary benefit paid to eligible survivors of military Service members who died in the line of duty or eligible survivors of Veterans whose death resulted from a service-connected injury or disease.

Mississippi State Tax Exemption for Military Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)/ Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP)/ Retired Serviceman’s Family Protection Plan (RSFPP):

SBP, RCSBP and RSFPP annuities are not taxed in Mississippi.

Ad Valorem Tax

Honorably discharged Veterans who have a service-connected total disability are exempt from all property taxes on the assessed value of their homestead property.

Surviving Spouses of eligible Veterans can also receive the tax exemption.

To qualify for the exemption the Veteran must have been honorably discharged and have a service-connected, total disability rating from the VA.

There is very little information provided online regarding how to file or what documentation is needed.

Consult the local assessor’s office for detailed requirements regarding these exemptions.

Annual refiling is often required.

Find your local tax assessor at this link: https://www.publicrecords.onlinesearches.com/Assessor-and-Property-Tax-Records.htm

Mississippi Veterans’ Home Purchase Board

Visit the following website for more information: https://www.vhpb.ms.gov/

The Veterans’ Home Purchase Board provides low interest mortgage loans up to $400,000 for eligible veterans and unmarried surviving spouses to purchase an existing single-family home or to construct a new home.

Veteran Eligibility:

  • The veteran must have been a Mississippi resident immediately prior to entering the Military or have resided in Mississippi for two consecutive years immediately preceding
    the loan application.
  • The veteran must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • The veteran must have been discharged from active-duty service under conditions other than dishonorable.
  • Reserve and National Guard personnel who have 6 years of service or more are eligible to apply for a loan.
  • Active-duty military personnel are eligible to apply for a loan, two-year residence required.
  • Reserve & National Guard Personnel who have been activated for extended active-duty service under Title 10 US Code are eligible to apply.
  • An unmarried surviving spouse of the above-described eligible veterans who died because of service or service-connected injuries may qualify for this program.

Property Eligibility:

  • The property must be a single-family residence to qualify.
  • The property must be in the State of Mississippi.
  • Permanent financing of a construction loan to construct a single-family residence is also available, subject to VA guidelines.
  • If you own a home that is not adequate for your needs at the time of loan application, according to the laws that govern this Agency, you will be required to divest/sell this home prior to the closing of your VHPB loan on the new purchase. A recorded Warranty Deed with Book and Page numbers will be required as proof of divestment.

You can request a loan package from VHPB by:

  • Telephone: 601-576-4800
  • Email: vhpbinfo@vhpb.ms.gov
  • Written request mailed to:
    • Veterans Home Purchase Board, PO Box 54411, Pearl, MS 39288-4411


Privilege Tax

For more information, visit the following website: https://www.dor.ms.gov/

Eligible individuals are exempt from paying the privilege tax for specified businesses.


  • 65 or older
  • Blind, deaf, dumb, or with loss of use of hand or foot
  • Someone who can provide documentation of 50% disabled to perform physical labor
  • Annual gross income of $900 or less

State Retirement

Members of the State Public Employees Retirement System who served in the armed forces during periods of hostility in WWII shall be entitled to up to 4 years credit for active duty.


  • Entered state service after discharge from armed forces or maritime service.

Under certain circumstances, the 4 years can be extended.

License Plates

Visit the following websites for more information: https://www.msva.ms.gov/state-benefits OR https://www.dor.ms.gov/tags-and-titles

Mississippi offers 18 different specialty veterans plates with varying tag fees. Visit the above sites for the full list. We will include the plates with the lowest out of pocket costs to the veteran in our list below.

Disabled American Veteran Plate

Eligible disabled veterans can purchase one motor vehicle license plate or a motorcycle tag for their resident county for $1.


  • Mississippi Residency
  • 100% Permanent and Total Service-connected disability rating
  • 70% service-connected disability rating or higher, non-permanent and total

The Unmarried Surviving spouse of a qualified veteran can also receive these plates.

Purple Heart License Plate

Purple Heart recipients can receive one free distinctive license plate or tag for use on a private passenger vehicle registered in the county of residence.

The unmarried surviving spouse whose spouse was previously issued the Purple Heart Medal license plate may apply for or retain this license and be exempt from taxes and fees.

Silver Star License Plate

Resident Silver Star recipients can receive a specialty license plate recognizing the award.

The applicant must present official written proof of the award of the medal.

The Silver Star plate is exempt from all fees and taxes.

An unmarried surviving spouse can retain the silver star plate by providing proof of marital status.

Congressional Medal of Honor License Plate

Resident Congressional Medal of Honor recipients can obtain one annual motor vehicle plate or tag for their vehicle that is exempt from all motor vehicle registration fees and privilege taxes.

The plate or tag can be used on a private passenger vehicle or pickup truck in the county of residence.

An unmarried surviving spouse can obtain this exemption as well.

Ex- Prisoner of War License Plate

Resident Former Prisoners of War can obtain one annual motor vehicle plate or tag for their vehicle that is exempt from all motor vehicle registration fees and privilege taxes.

The plate or tag can be used on a private passenger vehicle or pickup truck in the county of residence.

An unmarried surviving spouse can obtain this exemption as well.

Mississippi Veteran Employment Preference

Visit the following website for more information: https://www.mspb.ms.gov/information-for-veterans.aspx

Eligible veterans who indicate their veteran status on their state employment application are listed at the top of the list of eligible applicants, with disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients at the very top.

Be sure to indicate that you are a veteran on the application to receive this preference.

Mississippi Pledge to Hire a Hero

Visit the following website for more information: https://www.mdes.ms.gov/i-need-a-job/veterans-services/

Or call: (888) 844-3577

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security partners with businesses throughout its network of WIN Job Centers across the state. Center staff helps with free job postings and saves businesses time and money by providing recruitment, screening, and referral of only qualified candidates.

Information regarding work opportunities, tax credits, and on-the-job training is also available through the centers.

Educational Benefits:

Mississippi offers a variety of Educational Benefits to resident veterans and their dependents.

State Educational Benefits can be used in conjunction with the National Educational Benefits (DEA)

Visit the following link for more information: https://www.msva.ms.gov/state-benefits

We recommend that you contact your local Veterans Service Officer to learn more about these benefits. Additionally, most colleges and universities have a veteran’s liaison that can assist with applying for educational benefits for veterans and dependents.

In-State Tuition for Nonresident Veteran Students

Any Veteran or a person entitled to education benefits under Title 38 of the United States Code is authorized in-state tuition.

Educational Assistance

The children or a qualifying service member can receive a scholarship at any state supported college or university in Mississippi.

The scholarship covers eight semesters of higher education.

Costs not covered by the scholarship include books, food, school supplies, materials and dues or fees for extracurricular activities.



  • Mississippi is their official home of record and residence.
  • Prisoner of War
  • Missing in Action

Tuition for Mississippi National Guard Members

The Adjutant General of Mississippi is authorized to pay the tuition for certain members of the active Mississippi National Guard who are enrolled within the state of Mississippi in an accredited institution of higher learning, vocational education school or junior college. Military
personnel stationed in Mississippi are classified as state residents for the purposes of payment of tuition at state colleges and universities.

Honorary High School Diploma

The local school board may award an honorary high school diploma to qualifying veterans.


Honorable discharged Veterans of:

  • WWII
  • The Korean Conflict
  •  The Vietnam Conflict
  • Were unable to complete high school because of their military service.

Mississippi Veteran Recreation Benefits

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

For more information, visit the following website: https://www.mdwfp.com/license/disabled-exempt-license/

Veterans who have a total service-connected disability from the VA are not required to purchase a hunting or fishing license, but must have proof of age, residency and disability status while hunting or fishing.

You can purchase an annual Disabled Exempt License for $5 if you prefer to carry that with you.

Concealed Weapon Permit Fee Exemption

Any veteran with a service-connected disability is exempt from concealed weapon permit fees and renewal fees.

The veteran must be a resident of the state for 12 months or longer immediately preceding the filing of the application. The residency requirement may be waived if the veteran has a valid permit from another state; is an active military member stationed in Mississippi; or is a retired law enforcement officer establishing residency in the state.

Additional Benefits

Recording and Retrieving Documentation

The Mississippi Dept. of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics is to furnish, without charge, copies of birth and death certificates when they are needed to establish claims for dependency, disability, or survivors benefits for any Veteran who is a legal resident of the State of Mississippi or their claimants.

The State Bureau of Vital Statistics is to furnish, at no expense, and immediately upon application a certified copy of birth certificates for any person volunteering for service in one of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Chancery and Circuit Clerks are to furnish, without charge, copies of marriage licenses, divorce decrees, adoption decrees and any and all other records when the same are needed to establish claims for dependency, disability or survivors benefits for any Veterans who are legal
residents of the State of Mississippi or their claimants.

Chancery Clerks shall record, without cost whatsoever to any person of the Armed Forces of the United States residing in the same county, all honorable discharges, and all certificates of service of any and all members of the Armed Forces of the United States. Certified copies will
be furnished free without cost to the soldier, sailor, marine, coast guardsman, or nurse.