Is PTSD a Permanent VA Disability?

Is PTSD a Permanent VA Disability?

Permanent VA Disability Lawyers Kalamazoo, MIMany veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing or experiencing traumatic events. If you or a loved one have PTSD from military service, call our VA lawyers today.

Our veteran disability attorneys have experience helping clients file appeals with the VA. Continue reading to learn if PTSD is a permanent VA disability.

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How Do I Know if My VA Disability is Permanent and Total?

The VA will only award a total disability rating for PTSD that’s never expected to improve. To be frank, most veterans outside of mental hospitals don’t have PTSD this severe. Yet, some veterans receive a 100% rating by combining PTSD with other conditions. You’re more likely to receive a higher rating for several service-connected disabilities.

Veterans who receive 100% disability for PTSD alone will often:

  • Hallucinate or have delusions
  • Hurt themselves or others
  • Behave inappropriately
  • Forget important details, such as their own name
  • Lose their sense of time or place
  • Not be able to think or communicate clearly
  • Neglect personal hygiene

Can the VA Reduce Your Disability Rating for PTSD?

Yes, but it depends. Are your PTSD symptoms expected to improve over time? If so, the VA will most likely re-evaluate your condition within 2 to 5 years of your initial examination. You may also be re-examined if there’s obvious evidence your PTSD improved. In some cases, veterans are able to overcome mild PTSD symptoms with therapy.

Even after the VA awards disability benefits, you may worry about losing them. Yet, a permanent and total disability rating protects you from losing your benefits. The VA also cannot sever your disability benefits if they’ve been in effect for 10 or more years. This is due to 38 C.F.R. 3.957 in the VA code of regulations. Yet, this doesn’t protect veterans who committed fraud to receive benefits, were dishonorably discharged, or didn’t complete requisite service.

What are the Effects of PTSD on Veterans?

PTSD symptoms include hypervigilance, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and avoiding “triggers.” For example, a veteran may avoid 4th of July celebrations if the sound of fireworks triggers traumatic memories. The symptoms you experience will depend on the severity of post-traumatic stress disorder.

What Percentage of Veterans Suffer from PTSD?

The VA estimates that approximately 31% of Vietnam veterans have PTSD. More recently, 11% of Afghanistan veterans and 20% of Iraqi veterans have PTSD. Veterans often don’t get the help they need because of the stigma mental illness carries. As a result, many veterans aren’t diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder until after they leave the military. Call our veterans attorneys if your VA disability rating for PTSD is too low or your claim has been denied.

Do I Need a VA Disability Lawyer?

Our veterans attorneys can help you file an appeal if your VA disability rating for PTSD is too low. We’re also able to help if the VA denied your claim. Since VA law changes all the time, we recommend you hire one of our veteran disability lawyers. We have experience helping veterans and their families receive the compensation they deserve.

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