Texas State Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

Texas State Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

100% State Benefits – Texas

Note: Information for this document was gathered from various sources including: https://www.military.com/benefits/veteran-state-benefits/texas-state-veterans-benefits.html

Visit the Texas Veterans Commission Website for more detailed information: https://www.tvc.texas.gov/

Veterans Homes

For more information, visit: https://www.nasvh.org/state-homes/statedir.cfm

Your eligibility for State Veterans Homes is based on clinical need and setting availability.

Each State establishes eligibility and admission criteria for its homes.

Talk with a VA social worker about the eligibility requirements of State Veterans Homes near you and to figure out a plan for paying for State Veterans Home care services.

Veterans Homes Locations:

State Veterans’ Cemeteries

For more detailed information visit: https://www.cem.va.gov/cems/state.asp?STATE=TX

National Veterans Cemeteries:

Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery
2000 Mountain Creek Parkway
Dallas, TX 75211
Burial Space:

Fort Bliss National Cemetery
5200 Fred Wilson Ave.
El Paso, TX 79906
Burial Space:

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
1520 Harry Wurzbach Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78209
Burial Space:

Houston National Cemetery
10410 Veterans Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX 77038
Burial Space:

San Antonio National Cemetery
517 Paso Hondo Street
San Antonio, TX 78202
Burial Space:
 Cremation Only


State Veterans Cemeteries:

State Veterans Cemeteries Texas Veterans Land Board
1700 N. Congress Avenue, Room 840A
Austin, TX 78701
VA Grant Funded:
Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen
11463 South Highway 195
Killeen, TX 76542
VA Grant Funded:

Coastal Bend State Veterans Cemetery in Corpus Christi
9974 IH 37 Access Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78410
VA Grant Funded: 

Rio Grande Valley State Veterans Cemetery in Mission
2520 South Inspiration Road
Mission, TX 78572
VA Grant Funded: 

Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Abilene
7457 W. Lake Road
Abilene, TX 79601
VA Grant Funded: 


Many states have established state veterans cemeteries. Eligibility is like Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) national cemeteries but may include residency requirements. Even though they may have been established or improved with Government funds through VA’s Veterans Cemetery Grants Program, state veterans’ cemeteries are run solely by the states.

Texas Veteran Financial Benefits

Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption

Visit the following website for more information: https://www.texvet.org/propertytax#1Property100

Total property tax exemption on Homesteads for veterans with a 100% disability rating or a determination of Individual Unemployability and their surviving spouses.

Veterans with 10 – 90% VA disability can get a reduction of their home’s’ assessed value from $5,000 – $12,000 depending on disability percentage. Surviving spouses also qualify.

WHAT TO SUBMIT:(As listed on form 50-114 , please consult form to verify documents needed)

  • Form 50-114- complete and notarized
  • VA Disability Letter showing 100% VA disability
  • ID with address matching residence homestead (may be waived in some circumstances, see form)

Some counties offer homestead tax exemptions for veterans.

Administration of rules and can vary considerably by county.

Please contact your local Appraisal District to verify your tax exemption.

For general policy questions, contact the State Comptroller’s Property Tax Question Line: 512-305-9999 (press 2, then press 1)

Non-Primary Residence of a 100% Disabled Veteran

Visit following link for more information: https://www.texvet.org/propertytax#4PropertySecond

A disabled veteran who owns property other than a residence homestead may apply for a different disabled veteran’s exemption under Tax Code Section 11.22 that is applied according to the veteran’s disability rating of 10 percent or higher. An eligible disabled veteran may receive both exemptions.


  • Disabled Veteran Exemption (10-100%)
  • Surviving Spouse/child of Deceased Disabled Veteran
  • Surviving Spouse/child of Armed Service Member who died on Active Duty

Supporting Documents: (listed on form 50-135 above, please consult form to verify documents needed)

  • Form 50-135- complete and notarized
  • VA Disability Letter showing % VA disability

Harris County Residents Veteran Homestead Exemption

Harris County administers it’s 100% disabled Veterans Homestead Exemptions uniquely and the local Appraisal District office should be contacted to learn the details.

Free Driver’s License for Disabled Veterans

Visit the following website for further information: https://www.dps.texas.gov/section/driver-license/veteran-services

Veterans with a service-connected disability of at least 60% and an honorable discharge can get a Texas driver license or ID card for free.

Contact your local Drivers License office to see what the needed documents are.

Land/Home Loans

Visit the following website for more information: https://vlb.texas.gov/loans/index.html

The VLB Veterans Land Loan Program is the only one of its kind in the nation—giving Texas Veterans and Military Members the opportunity to borrow money to purchase land at favorable interest rates and terms up to $150,000, with 5% down, and 30 year rates (depending on credit).

The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) offers generally below-market interest rates for home loans for Texas Veterans, lower rates for those who have a disability rating of 30% of more; home improvement and land loans.

Veterans Home Improvement Program (VHIP)

Visit the following website for more information: https://vlb.texas.gov/loans/index.html

Link to Application process: https://s3.glo.texas.gov/vlb/loans/home-improvement/

The VLB offers home improvement loans up to $50,000 for a maximum 20 year payoff or a 10 year payoff for loans of $7,500 – $10,000. Veterans with a VA service-connected disability rating of 30% or greater qualify for a discounted interest rate.

The loans may be used for alterations, repairs, and improvements to the veteran’s home. The improvements must substantially protect or improve the basic livability or utility of the property.

Texas Veteran Education Benefits

Texas offers a wide variety of Educational Benefits to resident veterans and their dependents.

State Educational Benefits can be used in conjunction with the National Educational Benefits (DEA)

Visit the following link for a full list: https://www.tvc.texas.gov/education/hazlewood/

Contact the Education Services Team at: (512) 463-3168 or (877) 898-3833

Hazlewood Act

The Hazlewood Act is a State of Texas benefit that provides qualified veterans, spouses, and dependent children with an education benefit of up to 150 hours tuition free college at state schools. This does NOT include living expenses, books, or supply fees.

The veteran must have:

  • been a Texas resident when they entered the service
  • live in Texas
  • have an honorable discharge
  • served at least 181 days active duty
  • used up all federal VA education benefits
  • not be in default on a state student loans
  • meet GPA, academic progress and credit hour requirements

Legacy Act (Child)

Veterans eligible for the Hazlewood Act can assign unused hours to a child under certain conditions.

The child must:

    • be a Texas resident.
    • be the biological child, stepchild, adopted child, or claimed as a dependent in the current or previous tax year.
    • be 25 years old or younger on the first day of the semester or term
    • meet GPA, academic progress, and credit hour requirements
    • Only one child can use Hazelwood Legacy benefits at a time.

Hazlewood Act for Spouse/Child

Spouses and dependent children of eligible Active Duty, Reserve, and Texas National Guard who died in the line of duty, as a result of service-connected injury or illness, are missing in action, or who became totally disabled for purposes of employability as a result of a service-related injury or illness are entitled to each receive 50 credit hours tuition-free college.

Like the normal Hazlewood act, the veteran must have been a Texas resident when they entered the service.

A spouse must:

  • have no federal VA education benefits
  • be a Texas resident; and
  • meet GPA, academic progress and credit hour requirements

A child must:

  • have no federal VA education benefits,
  • be a Texas resident
  • meet GPA, academic progress and credit hour requirements. This requirement does not apply to the child of a MIA, KIA, or service connected deceased Veteran.

Texas Veteran Employment Benefits

Veterans Preference

Wartime veterans have preference in employment with state agencies or offices, as do widows and children of those killed on active duty. State agencies must practice veterans’ preference until they have reached 40% veteran employment.

Military Time Credit Towards State Retirement

Non-retired veterans who are state employees can claim their active-duty military time toward retirement by making a payment equal to the monthly contribution an employee would make times the number of months active duty. The maximum anyone can buy is 60 months.

Veteran Entrepreneur Program

Visit the following website for more information: https://www.tvc.texas.gov/entrepreneurs/entrepreneur-resources/

The Veteran Entrepreneur Program provides veteran entrepreneurs and veteran small businesses the tools they need to start or grow their businesses. The program provides consultation with business plans, financing, marketing and more.

Texas Veteran Recreation Benefits

Disabled Veterans Hunting & Fishing License

Available to a resident or non-resident qualifying as a disabled veteran, as defined by the Veterans Administration, consisting of the loss of the use of a foot or leg, or a disability rating of 50% or more, and who is receiving compensation from the U.S. for the disability. Official proof of disability (issued by the V.A.) or a Texas Driver License with “Disabled Veteran” designation must be shown each year when applying for this license and must state the rate of disability. Official proof can be digital or hard copy.

Only available in person at a licensed retailer

The Disabled Veteran Super Combo Package includes a hunting and fishing license and five state endorsements. The package includes:

  • Resident hunting license
  • Resident fishing license
  • Archery endorsement
  • Freshwater fishing endorsement
  • Saltwater fishing endorsement with a red drum tag
  • Upland game bird endorsement
  • Migratory game bird endorsement

Not Included: The Federal Duck Stamp is NOT included but is required for waterfowl hunting.

Disabled Veterans State Park Admission (Texas Parkland Passport)

The Disabled Veterans passport allows free entry to Texas state parks for U.S. veterans with a 60 percent or more service-connected disability or loss of lower extremity. Parkland Passport benefits apply only to the pass holder, though benefits may be extended to one additional person to assist the pass holder.

Present valid identification (such as a driver’s license) and one of the following to get your passport:

  • Disabled Veterans of Texas license plate receipt
  • Veteran’s award letter (which establishes the degree of disability)
  • Tax exemption letter for Texas veterans.
  • Any veteran with a 60% or greater disability or a service-connected loss of lower extremity is eligible for free admission to Texas state parks.

You do not have to be a Texas resident to qualify.

You can obtain theses passes at any state park.