New Jersey State Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

New Jersey State Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

100% State Benefits- New Jersey

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Visit the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs website for more detailed information.

Veterans Homes

For more information, visit:

Your eligibility for State Veterans Homes is based on clinical need and setting availability.

Each State establishes eligibility and admission criteria for its homes.

Talk with a VA social worker about the eligibility requirements of State Veterans Homes near you and to figure out a plan for paying for State Veterans Home care services.

Veterans Homes Locations:


Vineland, New Jersey


Paramus, New Jersey


Edison, New Jersey


Honorably discharged from last enlistment.

Resident of the State of New Jersey for two years immediately preceding application.

Applicants must meet certain asset limitation criteria. Residents pay according to ability based on income.

Spouses, and Gold Star parents are also eligible for admission. Preference is given to New Jersey residents.

State Veterans’ Cemeteries

For more detailed information visit:

National Veterans Cemeteries:

Beverly National Cemetery

916 Bridgeboro Road

Beverly, NJ 08010

Burial Space: Closed





Finn’s Point National Cemetery

454 Fort Mott Road

Pennsville, NJ 08070

Burial Space: Cremation Only





State Veterans Cemeteries:

Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery

350 Provinceline Road, Rt. #2

Wrightstown, NJ 08562

VA Grant Funded: Yes





New Jersey Memorial Home Cemetery (Closed)

524 N.W. Boulevard

Vineland, NJ 08360

VA Grant Funded: No





Many states have established state veterans cemeteries. Eligibility is like Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) national cemeteries but may  include residency requirements. Even though they may have been established or improved with Government funds through VA’s Veterans Cemetery Grants Program, state veterans cemeteries are run solely by the states.

New Jersey Veteran Housing Benefits

Veterans Haven

Visit the following website for more information: or

Veterans Haven is a transitional housing program for homeless veterans.

The program is divided into three phases: treatment; self-reclamation; and community reintegration. Each phase lasts three to six months and is tailored to individual treatment needs and vocational interests.

Eligible veterans are referred from a VA Medical Center after receiving a medical evaluation. To be admitted into the program, the veteran must agree to a long-term program focusing on psychological, social, and vocational rehabilitation. The program is drug and alcohol free. Locations are in Glen Gardner and Winslow.

Admission Criteria:

  • Veteran must be homeless.
  • Individual must be a veteran under US Department of Veterans Affairs guidelines.
  • Veteran must be eligible for VA healthcare benefits.
  • Applicant must be drug and alcohol free at the time of admission.

**For Veterans that do not meet these criteria, a limited number of Veterans may still be eligible for admittance under the Grant and Per Diem (GPD) Program.**

New Jersey Financial Benefits

Income Tax

Visit the following website for more information:

Active-Duty Income Tax:

If your permanent home was New Jersey before entering the military, active-duty income is not subject to state taxes, IF you meet all three of the following conditions:

  1. did not maintain any permanent home in New Jersey during tax year;
  2. spent less than 30 days in New Jersey state during tax year.
  3. maintained a permanent home outside New Jersey during the entire year (barracks, bachelor officers´ quarters, quarters assigned on vessel do not count as a permanent home). However, if you pay for and maintain, either by out-of-pocket payments or forfeiture of quarters allowance, an apartment, or a home (either owned or rented) outside New Jersey, that does count as a permanent home outside New Jersey.

New Jersey Income Tax on Military Pay:

Military pay is taxed in New Jersey.

Military pay received in a combat zone or when hospitalized because of an injury received in a combat zone is not taxable.

In addition, New Jersey follows federal guidelines and offers an extension to file New Jersey income taxes for Service members serving in a combat zone. Service members have 180 days after redeploying, or release from hospitalization due to injuries or illness they received in a
combat zone to file and pay any owed taxes.

New Jersey Taxes on Nonresident Military Spouse’s Income:

A nonresident Military Spouse who lives in New Jersey does not have to pay Income Tax on wages earned in New Jersey. For state taxation purposes a Military Spouse can choose their home state, the state where their Service member Spouse is stationed or the same state of legal residence as the Service member. Spouses can make this choice even if they never lived in that state or did not live with the Service member during the tax year.

New Jersey Military Retired Pay Tax Exemption:

U.S. Armed Forces pensions are exempt from New Jersey income tax.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) does not withhold taxes for state or local income tax, but it is reported annually on IRS Form 1099-R. Early TSP distributions may incur higher taxes.

New Jersey Taxes on Military Disability Retirement Pay:

New Jersey does not tax total and permanent VA disability income.

Some of the payments which are considered disability benefits include:

  • Disability compensation and pension payments for disabilities paid to Veterans or their Families
  • Grants for homes designed for wheelchair living
  • Grants for motor vehicles for Veterans who lost their sight or the use of limbs, or
  • Benefits under a dependent-care assistance program.

New Jersey Taxes on U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC):

DIC is a tax-free monetary benefit paid to eligible survivors of Service members who died in the line of duty or eligible survivors of Veterans whose death resulted from a service-connected injury or disease.

New Jersey Taxes on Military Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)/ Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP)/ Retired Serviceman’s Family Protection Plan (RSFPP):

SBP, RCSBP and RSFPP are exempt from New Jersey Income Tax.

Veteran Income Tax Deduction

Visit the following website for more information:

You are eligible for a $6,000 exemption on your New Jersey Income Tax return if you are a military veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States on or any time before the last day of the tax year.

Your spouse (or civil union partner) is also eligible for an exemption if they are a veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable condition, and you are filing a joint return.

This exemption is in addition to any other exemptions you are entitled to claim and is available on both the resident and nonresident returns.

You cannot claim this exemption for a domestic partner or for your dependents.

This exemption can only be claimed by qualifying veterans. It does not pass through to a surviving spouse.

Claiming the Exemption:

  1. When completing your tax return, you must fill in the oval (resident return) or check the box (nonresident return) to indicate that you are claiming this exemption. Otherwise, the exemption(s) will be disallowed.
  2. You must provide official documentation showing that you were honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active duty the first time you claim the exemption. If your spouse is claiming the exemption, they must also submit proper documentation.

100% Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption

Visit the following website for more information:

Permanently and totally disabled war veterans can qualify for a total exemption of property tax on their home. Surviving spouses may also qualify.

Eligibility Requirements for Disabled Veterans:

To qualify, you must:

  • Have active-duty service in the United States Armed Forces;
  • Be honorably discharged;
  • Be a legal resident of New Jersey;
  • Own and occupy the dwelling house as your main home and residence;
  • Provide a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Administration) certification of active-duty service-connected disability stating you are 100% permanently and totally disabled.

How to Apply:

File D.V.S.S.E. and all documentary proofs with your local assessor.

Consult the local assessor’s office for detailed requirements regarding these exemptions.

Annual refiling is often required.

Find your local tax assessor at this link:

$250 Veterans Property Tax Deduction

Visit the following website for more information

If you are an honorably discharged veteran with active-duty military service, you may qualify for an annual $250 Property Tax Deduction. Reservists and National Guard personnel must be called to active-duty service to qualify. Active duty for training is ineligible.

You also may qualify if you are a surviving spouse/civil union/domestic partner of an honorably discharged veteran with active-duty military service.

Eligibility Requirements:

All requirements must be met as of October 1 of the pretax year (i.e. the year prior to the calendar tax year for which the deduction is claimed).

To qualify, as of October 1 of the pretax year, you must:

  • Be a legal resident of New Jersey;
  • Own the property;
  • Have active-duty service in the United States Armed Forces with an honorable discharge.

How to Apply:

File Form V.S.S. and all documentary proofs with your local assessor or tax collector.

Consult the local assessor’s office for detailed requirements regarding these exemptions.

Annual refiling is often required.

Find your local tax assessor at this link:

New Jersey Catastrophic Entitlement

Visit the following website for more information:

Permanently and totally disabled wartime NJ resident veterans can qualify for a monthly payment of $150.

Surviving spouses may also qualify.


To be eligible the Veteran must be a New Jersey resident who has a permanent service- connected disability rating from the VA for injuries received during wartime service that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Loss of sight
  • Amputation of both hands, both feet or one hand and one foot
  • Hemiplegia and permanent paralysis of one leg and one arm on either side of the body
  • Paraplegia and permanent paralysis of both legs and lower parts of the body
  • Osteochondritis and permanent loss of use of both legs
  • Multiple sclerosis and the loss of use of both feet or both legs
  • Quadriplegia

For more information contact the Veterans Benefits Bureau at 888-865-8387 or

Visit the link to access the application: New Jersey Catastrophic Entitlement Application

Disabled Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient Placards

Visit the following website for more information:

Certain disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients are exempt from paying municipal parking meter fees for up to 24 hours.

Specific Circumstances:

  • The parked vehicle is owned by the disabled veteran or the Purple Heart recipient.
  • The disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient is the driver or a passenger in that vehicle.
  • The vehicle displays a unique placard issued by the MVC.

To receive the placard, applicants must submit the following:

  • Disabled Veterans, present:
    • DD214
    • VA Summary of Benefits letter
  • Purple Heart Recipients, present:
    • DD214 showing Purple Heart status;
    • Citation awarding Purple Heart;
    • General Order for the Purple Heart

Placards are available at any MVC agency or by mail.

  • In person, submit proof of status and a completed, signed application (SP-47), or
  • By mail, send photocopy of proof of status and a completed, signed application (SP-47)
    • NJMVC
      Special Plates Unit
      P. O. Box 015
      Trenton, NJ 08666-015

Placards are subject to renewal/recertification every 3 years.

The holder of a disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient placard can also be issued a Person with a Disability (PWAD) placard, if eligible. These unique placards do not replace a PWAD placard.

The disabled veteran or Purple Heart recipient placard cannot be used for parking in PWAD labeled parking spots.

Applicants who meet the requirements for both a disabled veteran and Purple Heart recipient placard must decide which type of unique placard – DV or PH – they wish to receive. Only one type of these unique placards can be issued.

The holder of a unique placard will be issued a placard recipient identification card that will match the owner information on the vehicle registration card for the vehicle in use.

This specific identification card indicates the actual person who is entitled to use the privilege of the unique placard.

Veteran License Plates

Visit the following website for more information:

If you are actively or inactively registered in the military, you may purchase military reserve plates for passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles (not for motorcycles).

For Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine and Navy Reserve units the cost for plates is $25.

Other Military plates honor:

  • The National Guard ($15)
  • Disabled American Veterans ($15)
  • Combat Infantryman Badge ($15)
  • Congressional Medal of Honor (issued only to holders of the Congressional Medal of Honor at no charge)
  • Gold Star Family (no charge)- apply through NJ Gold Star Mothers
  • Navy Cross ($15)
  • Silver Star (no charge)
  • Prisoners of War (no charge)
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars ($30)

Call the MVC at (609) 292-6500 ext. 5061 to request an application.

Mail the completed application to:

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission
Special Plate Unit
PO Box 015
Trenton, NJ 08666-0015

New Jersey Employment Benefits

New Jersey has several employment benefits to offer veterans. Visit the following website for more information:

Veterans Preference for State Jobs

Visit the following website for more information:

When applying for New Jersey state jobs, qualified veterans who receive a passing score are placed at the top of open competitive employment lists.

Disabled veterans with at least a 10% disability are given the highest preference, being placed above both veterans and others on open competitive employment lists.

The spouse of a disabled veteran is entitled to the same preference as the disabled veteran; however, the veteran loses their entitlement if the spouse gets it. The surviving spouse of a disabled veteran is entitled to the same preference as the disabled veteran, until they

remarry. The surviving spouse of any veteran who died in service is entitled to the disabled veteran preference, until they remarry.

The following documents will be needed to prove this service occurred:

CDL License

Visit the following website for more information:

Military Skills Waiver Program FAQ’s:

Veterans who have or had a military commercial driver’s license are exempt from the behind- the-wheel portion of the CDL license exam.

Veterans seeking the CDL waiver must meet certain requirements and present specific documentation, including:

  • Satisfactory proof he/she was a member of a branch of the active or reserve component of the military within the last 12 months in a military position requiring the operation of a military motor vehicle equivalent to a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV).
  • A current or expired military commercial driver license and a valid New Jersey driver license.
  • A completed Military CDL Skills Test Waiver Form certified by a commanding officer.
  • Successful completion of a CDL knowledge and vision test.
  • Presenting 6 Points of ID and proof of primary address.
  • A CDL Holder Self-Certificate and Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

Veterans Status for Pensions

Visit the following website for more information:

Veterans employed by the state can qualify for special retirement benefits. This applies only to those covered by:

  • New Jersey Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS)
  • Police and Firemen’s Retirement System (PFRS)
  • New Jersey Teachers’ Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF)

Veterans Retirement is different than the standard retirement available to most enrolled in the above pension funds, and includes the ability to retire at age 55 (with 25 years of service) and a offers a more generous calculation of your maximum annual allowance during retirement.

Qualifying for Veterans Status:

To qualify for Veterans Status, the Veteran must have been honorably discharged and served on active duty during a qualifying war era.

The following documents will be needed to prove this service occurred:

  • WD Form 53-55 or DD Form 214
  • Honorable Discharge Certificate
  • 14 days in a combat theater during specified time periods. As an exception to the 14 day rule, the Vietnam Conflict requires 90 days active duty on or after December 31, 1960 and must have begun on or before May 7, 1975. Refer to Civil Service Preference for Veterans Qualifying War Era Service Dates.
  • Additional documents as needed

Establishing Veterans Status for Pensions:

Download and fill out an Application for Veteran Designation for Pension. Once completed, please follow the written instructions found on the form to mail in your claim.

NJ Special Hawker and Peddlers License

For additional information call: 609-530-6866

Eligible New Jersey veterans can receive a special hawkers and peddlers license from their local county clerk.


  • Honorable discharge from active duty
  • New Jersey Resident


Submit a copy of your discharge papers to the County Clerk in the county you live in.

The County Clerk forwards the original copy to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs for verification.

Vendors must also register with the N.J. Division of Taxation and collect and remit sales tax on required items.

New Jersey Educational Benefits

New Jersey offers a wide variety of Educational Benefits to resident veterans and their dependents.

State Educational Benefits can be used in conjunction with the National Educational Benefits (DEA)

Visit the following link for a full list:

War Orphans Tuition Assistance

Children of military members who died while in the military or due to service-connected disabilities, or who are officially listed as MIA can get $500 per year for four years of college or equivalent training.

To qualify:

  • The child must be a resident of New Jersey for at least one year immediately preceding the filing of the application.
  • Between the ages of 16 and 21 at the time of application.
  • The veteran must have also been a state resident.

To apply, contact the Veterans Benefits Bureau at (609) 530-6949.

New Jersey National Guard Tuition Waiver Program (NJNGTP)

Visit the following website for more information:

Any active members of the New Jersey National Guard that meet the eligibility requirements can receive free tuition at state universities. Qualifying surviving spouses or surviving dependent children are also eligible to receive the tuition waiver.


When qualifying criteria is met, the service member, or eligible surviving children or spouse, will be permitted to attend regularly scheduled courses at any New Jersey public institution of higher education and receive up to 16 credits per semester tuition free.


  • The member has completed Initial Active-Duty Training (IADT).
  • The member is an active drilling member in good standing with their New Jersey National Guard unit of assignment.
  • The member has been accepted to pursue a course of undergraduate or graduate study and is enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing at that institution.
  • Each year the member must apply for Financial Aid, either through the institution’s Financial Aid Office or online at FAFSA to receive all entitled state and federal student grants and scholarships.


  • Apply to and be accepted by one of the 30 participating state institutions of higher learning.
  • Apply for Financial Aid either through the institution’s Financial Aid Office or online using the FAFSA website:
  • Register for classes at accepting institution.
  • Obtain a Commander’s Certificate of Eligibility that contains a valid Control # and signature from your Commander (NJDMAVA Form 621-2) from your unit’s full time administrator.
  • Bring Commander’s Certificate of Eligibility to your institution and follow institutional policies and procedures.

Vietnam Veterans Tuition Aid

Eligible Vietnam veterans may receive a maximum of $400 annually for full-time attendance and $200 for half time attendance at a New Jersey public institution of higher education.


  • Veteran who is or was eligible for veterans’ educational assistance pursuant 10 federal law and served on active-duty between December 31, 1960 and May 7, 1975.
  • Legal resident of the State of New Jersey at the time of induction into the armed forces, or at the time of discharge from active duty or for a period of not less than one year prior to making application.
  • Currently enrolled in an approved State Approving Agency course of study at any eligible academic, professional or vocational institution in the United States.

How to Apply:

Fill out the application with the NJ Department of Military and Veterans affairs by October 1 for the fall term and March 1 st for the spring term.

POW or MIA Tuition Benefit

Free undergraduate college tuition is available to any child born or adopted before, during or after his or her parent was officially declared a prisoner of war (POW) or person missing in action (MIA) after January 1, 1960.

Veteran Eligibility:

The POW-MIA must have been a New Jersey resident at the time he or she entered the service or whose official residence is in New Jersey.

Dependent Eligibility:

The child must attend either a public or private institution in New Jersey.

To Apply:

A copy of DD-1300 must be furnished with the application. Contact the New Jersey Veterans Bureau for application processes.

Operation Recognition: High School Diplomas For Veterans

New Jersey’s Operation Recognition program will award a state endorsed high school diploma to any New Jersey Veteran who left a New Jersey high school to enter a military service during WWII and Korean & Vietnam conflicts. All branches of service including Merchant Marine and
Coast Guard are eligible.

Veterans who have since earned a GED are still eligible. Diplomas may also be issued posthumously.

Surviving family members of eligible Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Required information:

  • A copy of your DD 214 or discharge papers
  • The name and address of the High School you attended
  • The year you would have graduated
  • Your name, address and daytime phone number

Send request to:

Operation Recognition (DVS-VBB)
NJ Department of Military & Veterans Affairs
PO Box 340
Trenton, NJ 08625-0340

New Jersey Veteran Recreation Benefits

Fishing and Hunting Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Visit the following website for more information:

Honorably discharged New Jersey disabled veterans can get free hunting & fishing licenses as well as pheasant, quail and trout stamps.

Eligible veterans must initially be certified by Fish and Wildlife to receive these free licenses, permits and stamps. ‘Disabled Veteran Certification’ cannot be done online or at license agent locations. Initial certification can be done by submitting the required documentation via regular mail to the Trenton address provided on the Disabled Veteran License application.

Documents required for initial certification:

  1. Proof of service – connected disability (one of the following)
    • Letter of certification of service-connected disability from Veterans Affairs, or
    • Wallet sized card from the VA indicating service-connected disability.
  2. Proof of honorable discharge (DD-214 or similar document).
  3. New Jersey driver license or other proof of residency.

Once certified, veterans can obtain their licenses, permits and stamps online or at license agents. Licenses, stamps and permits are free and disabled veterans do not pay any transaction fee to license agents. However, when obtaining licenses, stamps and permits
through the Internet sales site, a small shipping and handling fee is charged by the online license vendor.

Deer, Bear and Turkey Hunting Permits

Properly licensed certified disabled veterans are entitled to unlimited antlerless permits for each of the Permit Deer Seasons. One free Antlered Deer Permit can be issued for each season as well. Information on obtaining deer permits is provided in the current year’s Hunting & Trapping Digest and on the Permit Information page.

Properly licensed certified disabled veterans are also entitled to two free spring turkey permits and one free fall turkey permit during the lottery and additional free permits when leftover permit sales begin. Information on obtaining turkey permits is also provided on the Permit Information page. Certified veterans DO NOT receive preference in the lotteries.

Free bear permits are also available via over-the-counter sales.

Questions can be directed to the Division’s Trenton office at 609-292-2965 or e-

Disabled Veteran License Application – NJ Residents only

Licenses for Active-Duty Service Personnel

Active-duty members, no matter where they are stationed, can get NJ hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses at the resident rate.

Licenses for NJ National Guard Members

Eligible active NJ National Guard personnel are entitled to free licenses, permits and stamps.