5 Challenges for Veterans with Service Connected Disability

5 Challenges for Veterans with Service Connected Disability

Service Connected Disability VA Lawyers Kalamazoo, MINot everyone understands the difficulties veterans face once they return home, which is why our experienced VA disability lawyers do their best to serve our community.

Whether you’re a returning member of our military or a concerned loved one, continue reading to learn about some of the challenges our veterans face while adjusting to civilian life.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your disability claim, please contact our VA disability attorneys today.

Challenges for Veterans with Service Connected Disability

Being Denied VA Disability Benefits

Do you have a service connected disability? If your claim for VA benefits has been denied, call one of our disability lawyers today. We’ll be able to help you appeal the VA’s decision by getting an independent medical examination (IME). Unlike the Compensation and Pension Exam, an independent medical exam is performed by a doctor with no connection to the VA.

The Compensation and Pension Exam is performed by a doctor paid by the VA. While we understand VA doctors do their best to be impartial, there is still a conflict of interest between doing what is best for patients and what is best for their employer. Our attorneys know what doctors are qualified to perform independent medical examinations. An IME doctor is able to write their findings using VA language and standards.

Service Connected Disabilities

We honor our brave men and women serving overseas by helping them transition to civilian life. However, it can be difficult for veterans to adjust when they have a service connected disability. Depending on the severity of your disability, you may be eligible for VA benefits. Our VA disability lawyers will fight hard for your case to help you secure the best outcome. Call today to learn what we can do for you.

Mental Health Issues

Mental health is just as important to your well-being as physical health. In fact, our VA disability lawyers can help you get the benefits you need for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions.

The VA psychological rating system looks at how well you are able to function socially, which includes socializing with friends and family and being able to work a job. To qualify for compensation, the VA will also look at when your symptoms first developed. In general, you won’t be eligible to receive VA disability benefits for a mental condition if the symptoms didn’t first develop during active duty.

Our disability lawyers understand the social stigmas surrounding mental health, especially for veterans. However, we want to let you know that there is help for veterans with PTSD and other mental health issues. If you need help proving a service connected disability, call our office today to set up your consultation with one of our VA attorneys.

If you need mental health treatment or feel suicidal, you can also call, text, or enter an online chat with a caring responder from the Veterans Crisis Line. All communications are confidential and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lack of Education

It’s not uncommon for people to join the military right out of high school. If this describes your life path, you may have less education than other job seekers competing for the same positions. If you are dealing with a service connected disability, you may also have concerns about being able to pay medical bills and college tuition. In addition to getting help from nonprofits, you may also consider hiring an attorney to help you get the VA disability benefits you deserve.


It can be hard finding jobs for veterans if you don’t have a college degree or are dealing with a service connected disability. If you have a service connected disability, call one of our VA attorneys to take on your case. We can help you get the disability benefits you need to move on with your life.

Our attorneys have years of experience to help you receive the VA disability benefits you deserve. We can also get you in touch with local veteran service organizations to help you transition to civilian life. To request your consultation with one of our Kalamazoo VA disability lawyers, call 1-844-VET-LAWS (838-5297).